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1842-1853 and a small group from 1877/1878
(but were listed in original church records as noted.)

Box 1 (marriages missing from Vital Stats Box 89A)
NOTES: This group of marriages appear to be missing from the Vital Statistics / DPHW (Dept Public Health & Welfare) volumes. The material in the Research Notes Column was added by me and is not contained in the parish records.
KEY: Twill = Twillingate; b = born; d = died; bc = born circa; md = married; bd = buried; bap = baptized;
Oct 9 1842 At the house of Mr? Abraham LeDro (LeDrew) at Change Island Thomas HINDS Cubitts, Conception Bay Mrs? K? LeDrow?, William H. LeDrow, William Hinds, George Taylor
    Harriet G. TAYLOR Change Islands  
Oct 24 1842 At Mrs Miriam Wheller House, Twill. John BUDGELL New Bay, Green Bay Peter Poole, Sam. Wheller, Archkless (Archelaus) Rice, Elizabeth Marshall
    Miss Susan RICE Little Hr, Twillingate NOTES: Miriam Wheeler was nee Manuel, and the wife of David Wheeler.
Sep 29 1843 Barr'd Island Church Robert TAYLOR Change Islands, Green Bay William K LeDrow?, Solomon LeDrow, 2 others (illegible)
    Miss Sarah CULL Barr'd Island  
Oct 14 1843 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Reuben ADAMS planter, Twill, Green Bay Sam Wheller, Samuel Cafe (KEEFE), George Hull.
    Miss Mary CAFE (KEEFE) Little Harbour, same district NOTES: Reuben was bc 1813 - d 1858; Mary remarried 1859 to Abel DECKER of Quirpon.
Nov 2 1843 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Robert ROBERTS Bluff Head Cove, Green Bay John Roberts, Jane Wheller, David Young, James Anstey.
    Miss Ann WHELLER (WHEELER) Twillingate, same district NOTES: Ann Wheller was born Sep 2 1822 Twill, the dau of David Wheeler & Miriam Manuel. Robert may have been the son of Robert Roberts & Keziah Anstey.
Dec 7 1843 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John WARE (WEIR) Twillingate, Green Bay Sam Wheller, Alexander Stuckless, Henry Loveridge
    Miss Dinah STUCKLESS same place NOTES: she was the dau of John Stuckless & Lydia (?Guy), and was named in her father's will.
Mar 20 1844 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. George SMALL planter, Moretons Hr, Green Bay Joseph Osmond, John Roberts, Elizabeth Marshall, Mary Ann Roberts, Bathsheba Small
    Miss Lucy WHELLER (WHEELER) Tizzards Hr, Green Bay NOTES: George was probably a son of Reuben Small & Bathsheba Horwood.
Oct 25 1844 At the house of Jonathan Osmond, Moretons Hr Joseph OSMOND fisherman, Moretons Hr, Green Bay George Small, Joseph Osmond, William Osmond, Jonathan Osmond
    Miss Maria JONES Western Head NOTES: Joseph was bc 1823 - bd Aug 15 1847 Moretons Hr age 24 yrs. Maria is believed to have married (2) 1849 to George LACEY and (3) 1852 to George DALTON.
Oct 26 1844 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John ROBERTS Bluff Head Cove near Twill., Green Bay Reuben Clark, Mary Ann Roberts, Elizabeth Marshall, David Young, Robert Roberts.
    Miss Elizabeth CLARK Batricks Island, Twill.  
Nov 3 1844 At the home of Samuel Manuel, Exploits Burnt Island Robert DART Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay Joseph Manuel, Samuel Manuel, Andrew Manuel
    Miss Elizabeth MANUEL Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay NOTES: She was probably the dau of Samuel Manuel, and sister of Andrew Manuel. Elizabeth married (2) 1875 at age 50 to John HAINES; she died Feb 6 1892 Exploits age 67 yrs. Robert was bap May 22 1823 Twill, the son of Robert & Ann Dart.
Nov 7 1844 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Simon JACOBS planter, Twill, Green Bay Samuel Wheller, Elias Roberts, Elizabeth Marshall, George Cooper.
    Miss Mary Ann ROBERTS Bluff Head Cove, Twill Island NOTES: Mary Ann married (2) 1854 to William HODDER.
Sep 6 1845 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Charles PILLEY Ringwood, Hants, England Reuben Adams, Jacob Wheller, Mary Ann King?
    Miss Ann ADAMS Twillingate, Green Bay NOTES: she may have been the sister of Reuben Adams, and dau of Thomas & Lydia Adams; Ann named 2 of her children Thomas & Lydia.
Sep 20 1845 At the house of William Osmond, Moretons Hr. William OSMOND planter, Moretons Hr, Green Bay George Small, Jonathan Osmond, Robert Small.
    Miss Mary Ann BURT Tizzards Hr, same district NOTES: he may have been first married to Elizabeth Unknown; son of Jonathan Osmond.
Oct 9 1845 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. James RICE planter, Little Hr, Twill Island, Green Bay Peter Poole, Arckless (Archelaus) Rice, George Smith
    Miss Mary Ann COOK Marrots (Merritts) Harbour, same district NOTES: James was bap Nov 17 1820 Little Hr, to John & Elizabeth Rice; he was bc 1814 - d Feb 10 1894 Little Hr age 80 yrs.
Oct 14 1845 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. William RICE Little Harbour, Twill, Green Bay George Watkins, Joseph Rice, Mary Ann Bide (Boyd).
    Miss Sarah BIDE (BOYD) Tizzards Hr, same district NOTES: William Rice likely bap Aug 4 1821 Little Hr, s/o John & Elizabeth Rice.
Oct 30 1845 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Thomas MOORS (MOORES) Twillingate, Green Bay John Wills, Lionel Moors, Thomas Jaswell?
    Miss Hannah SPENCER same place NOTES: Thomas was bc 1819 - d 1900, the s/o James & Elizabeth Moores. Hannah was bc 1824 - died 1895.
Oct 30 1845 Wesleyan Mission House, Twill. William SLADE Twillingate, Green Bay George Linfield, Elizabeth Marshall, John Linfield
    Miss Fanny SMITH same place NOTES: William Slade was bd Apr 24 1876 age 54 yrs. Fanny remarried 1887 to widower Charles MOXHAM; she died Mar 25 1911 age 87 years.
Nov 7 1845 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Robert SMALL Moretons Hr, Green Bay John Wills, Samuel Brushfield, George Lymes, William Osmond.
    MRS. Dinah LUFF Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay NOTES: Robert was the son of Reuben Small & Bathsheba Horwood. Per Cindy Tedstone, he married Dinah JENNINGS. It is also likely that Dinah remarried Elijah Jennings after the death of Robert Small (died Jul 6 1865 age 44 yrs).
Sep 4 1846 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Alexander STUCKLESS North Side, Twill Harbour Peter Samways, Henry Loveridge, Ann Young, Abraham Young.
    Miss Susannah CLARK Batricks Island, same district NOTES: Alexander was bc 1815 - d 1879 age 64 yrs; bapt 1821, the son of John Stuckless & Lydia (Guy?).
Oct 10 1846 At the home of Jonathan Osmond. Jonathan OSMOND Moretons Harbour Robert Small, Joseph Osmond
    MRS. Susannah JONES Western Head, Green Bay NOTES: He was likley buried Apr 6 1859 Moretons Hr age 63 yrs; bap Mar 10 1797 Crockers Cove, Harbour Grace, the son of Joseph Osmond & Patience Martin. Candidate for Susannah Jones is Susan Rideout, wife of James Jones.
Oct 21 1846 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John ANSTEY Bluff Head Cove, Twill Island, Green Bay John Phillips, Mary Anstey, William Roberts, Mary White.
    Miss Charlotte WHITE Ragged Point, same district  
Oct 23 1846 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John PHILLIPS Twill Harbour, Green Bay Robert Linfield, Ann Young, Thomas Yates, Charlotte Phillips
    Miss Tryphena YATES same place NOTES: John was bap 1823 Twill, the s/o George Phillips & Elizabeth Cooper; died 1898. Tryphena was bap 1823, the d/o William Yates Sr & Ann Brown; she died 1899. Per one source, he was an accountant at the Ashbourne firm at Twill; he was named (civil records) as a fisherman at the time of his death.
Oct 23 1846 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Charles HILLIARD* Arm, Twill Island, Green Bay Robert Dally, James Minty, Mary Earle, George Hall.
    Miss Martha WATERMAN same place NOTES: two children were baptized as HILLIER.
Oct 24 1846 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Thomas COOPER Arm, Twill Island, Green Bay George Gidge, Mary Minty, George Mintey, Ann Hilliard.
    Miss Susannah HILLIARD same place  
Aug 29 1847 At Mr Payton's house in Change Islands Richard PAYTON (PEYTON) Change Islands Henry LeDrow (LeDrew), Abraham LeDrow
    Sarah DAWE Port De Grave in Conception Bay NOTES: Groom spelt his surname as ''Peaton''.
Oct 23 1847 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Joseph ROBERTS Bluff Head Cove, Twill Isld Robert Rideout, Elias Roberts, Susan Roberts, Sophia Wheller.
    Miss Hellen WHELLER (WHEELER) South Side Twill Harbour NOTES: Helen/Ellen Wheller was b Jan 12 1825 Twill - died Dec 1907 Loon Bay age 83 yrs, the dau of David WHEELER & Miriam MANUEL. Joseph Roberts died May 7 1907 Loon Bay age 84 yrs.
Oct 28 1847 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John GIDGE The Arm, Twill Island James Mintey, George Cooper, Phebe Mintey, Elizabeth Cooper.
    Miss Mary MINTEY same place NOTES: Mary was probably the dau of Joseph Minty & Catherine Cooper.
May 12 1848 Wesleyan Ch (Twill) George COMPTON South Side Twill Harbour Thomas Compton, Caleb Smith, John Hentock (prob Hendcock for Handcock)
    Caroline SMITH Jenkins Cove, Twill Island NOTES: George was bap 1823 - died 1891 age 70 yrs, the son of John & Ann Compton.
Feb 23 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Thomas LINFIELD Jenkins Cove, Twill Island John Young, ?Fanny J Evan (cut off), Thomas Anstey, Phebe Moors
    MRS. Susan MOORES South Side Twill, Twill Island  NOTES: She was nee Susanna YOUNG bap Jan 16 1821 Twill, d Sep 21 1908, the dau of John YOUNG & Elizabeth TILLEY/TILSIE. Her first husband was Samuel MOORES. We now know her father was John Tilsed, while oral tradition had the variants as Tilley or Tilsie.
Apr 12 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Thomas POOK Carters Head, Twill Hr, Twill Isld George Mintey?, Thomas Linfield, Ann Young, Rachel Moors.
    Miss Phebe MOORS (MOORES) South Side, Twill Hr, Twill Isld NOTES: She was born July 27 1824 Nfld per the Ontario (Toronto) 1901 Census. Phebe resided Toronto 1901 with her son Edgar Pook. Thomas POOK was buried Apr 18 1876 Twillingate age 51 years.
Oct 21 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John LINFIELD Jenkins Cove, South Side Twill Hr, Twill Isld Thomas Linfield, Samuel Bulgen?, Caroline Hull, Flora Mitchell.
    Miss Mary BULGER?/BULGEN? Jenkins Cove, South Side Twill Hr, Twill Isld NOTES: John was bap Jan 21 1821 Twill, the son of Robert Linfield & Mary Blunt. He died Dec 26 1897. Mary may have died Aug 9 1901 Jenkins Cove age 76 yrs.
Oct 26 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Isaac BOURDON Arm, Twill Isld, Green Bay Joseph Minty, Edith? Bourdon, Philip Vineham, Amelia Ings.
    Caroline OSMOND Black Island, Green Bay NOTES: Isaac was bap May 6 1822 Twill, the son of John & Elizabeth Bouron; buried Feb 20 1854 age ?32 years. Caroline remarried May 20 1854 to John Froom WILLS of Sturminster Newton, Dorset.
Nov 18 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. William STRONG South Side, Twill Isld, Green Bay John Moors, Samuel Clark, Caroline Hull, Dinah Jones?
    Miss Elizabeth JONES Back Harbour, Twill Isld, Green Bay NOTES: He was the son of William Strong Sr, and was born June 15 1825 - d Mar 27 1906 Little Bay Islands. His mother's name may have been Sarah. Elizabeth was the dau of George JONES & Lydia MOORES, and the granddaughter of James & Elizabeth MOORES. William & Elizabeth were the grandparents of Helena STRONG who married the Nfld Prime Minister Sir Richard Anderson Squires.
Dec 13 1848 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. William STOCKLEY South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay George Cooper, Caroline Hull, George Clements?, John Mitchard, Mary Ann Phillips.
    Miss Charlotte PHILLIPS South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay NOTES: She may have been the dau of George Phillips & Elizabeth Cooper; she named a son George Phillips Stockley.
Dec 15 1848 Wesleyan Chapel (Twill) George MINTEY Arm, Twillingate, Green Bay Thomas Pook, Aaron Moor (cut off), Ann Young, Ann Minty.
    Miss Rachel MOORS (MOORES) North Side, Twill Hr, Green Bay NOTES: George Minty was bap Feb 23 1821 Twill, the son of Joseph Minty & Catherine Cooper. He died Mar 5 1888 Farmers Arm. Rachel died Feb 12 1904 age 81 yrs per civil deaths or Feb 13 per headstone.
May 10 1849 Wesleyan Chapel (Twill) Jonathan MITCHELL South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay Thomas Linfield, Ann Jestican, Alfred Linfield
    MRS. Hannah WHELLER (WHEELER) South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay NOTES: She is believed to be nee Hannah LINFIELD b Feb 23 1815 Twill, the dau of Robert Linfield & Mary Blunt; her first husband is believed to be Samuel Wheeler. Hannah Mitchell died Dec 23 1885 South Side (Twill) age 71 years.
Oct 8 1849 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. George GIDGE The Arm, Twill Hr, Green Bay Isaac Bourdon, Ruth Gidge, Edward Ings, Adam Gidge, Mary Ann Ings.
    MRS. Rachel VINEHAM The Arm, Twill Hr, Green Bay  
Oct 26 1849 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Henry BLAKE South Side, Twill Harbour George Phillips, William Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Mary White, William (illegible surname, could be Anstey).
    MRS. Maria WHITE Ragged Pt, Twill Isld, Green Bay NOTES: Maria was buried Feb 7 1867 age 61 yrs; Henry was buried Dec 29 1860 age 62 yrs. She was likely the widow of Thomas White who died Apr 1848 age 53 yrs.
Oct 27 1849 not given Philip VINEHAM The Arm, Twill Isld, Green Bay Robert Gillett, John Vineham, Ann Hilliard, Mary Ann Ings.
    Miss Amelia INGS The Arm, Twill Isld, Green Bay Amelia was buried June 1860 age 30 years.
Oct 30 1849 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. John VINEHAM The Arm, Twill Isld, Green Bay George Cooper, Mary Guy?, Edward Ings, Ann Maidment.
    Miss Ann HILLIARD The Arm, Twill Hr, Green Bay  
Nov 1 1849 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. Charles HUSTINGS South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay Reuben Clark, Aaron Moors, Fanny Clark, Mary White.
    Miss Mary WARE (WEIR) Tizzards Harbour, Green Bay NOTES: Charles was born Crewkerne, Somerset circa 1823 - died 1894 Sulians Cove, Little Bay Islands NDB. He remarried 1867 {lay; 1869 church} to Elizabeth NORMORE (per Carl Hustins, his marital status was wrongly given as bachelor in the latter marriage).
Nov 15 1849 Wesleyan Mission House Peter SAMWAYS Poole, Dorsetshire, England George Hull, Ann Jestican, Fanny J. Evans, Elizabeth Hull.
    Miss Ann YOUNG South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay Peter Samways was bc 1822 - died Mar 21 1907. Ann was bap June 30 1822 Twill - died Feb 17 1902, the dau of John Young & Elizabeth Tilley/Tilsie. We now know her father was John Tilsed, while oral tradition had the variants as Tilley or Tilsie.
Nov 21 1849 Wesleyan Chapel (Twill) David YOUNG South Side Twill Harbour John Young, Abraham Young, Elias Roberts, Caroline Hull.
    Miss Ann JESTICAN Trinity Harbour NOTES: David was buried June 15 1871 age 50 yrs per parish records. He was first married to Lydia Unknown (bc 1821 - died 1847 age 26 yrs). David was the son of John Young & Elizabeth Tilley/Tilsie. We now know her father was John Tilsed, while oral tradition had the variants as Tilley or Tilsie.
Dec 14 1849 Wesleyan Chapel, Twill. George PHILLIPS South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay George Cooper, James Phillips, ?H._. Phillips, Susan Roberts
    Miss Caroline HULL South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay NOTES: George died before 1855; Caroline remarried 1855 to Thomas JACOBS. She was bc 1823 - died Aug 24 1902 age 74 years.
Dec 15 1849 Wesleyan Mission House, Twill. Frederic GUY Ringwood, England Reuben Adams, ?. ?. Phillips, George Lymes, Jane Milley.
    Miss Mary COOPER South Side Twill Hr, Green Bay NOTES: Mary Cooper was baptized 1853 as Mary GUY, dau of George & Rebecca COOPER, born Feb 2 1834 Twillingate. If accurate, this would mean she was only 15 years old at marriage. Frederick Guy had previously been thought to be possibly the son of Hezekiah Bartlett Guy & Ruth Adams, but his place of residence as given here would argue against it.
Nov 15 1849 Exploits Burnt Island Wesleyan Chapel William LILLY Milton, Hampshire, England James Hutchings, John Jones, Jane Minchinton, Lavinia Sceviour.
    Miss Jane SCEVIOUR Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay NOTES: William Henry Lilly was born May 19 1821 Christchurch, England per his headstone: died Dec 11 1911 (civil deaths have Dec 9th). Per her headstone, Jane was b Feb 23 1830 - died Aug 24 1913 (civil deaths have Aug 22). She was reportedly the dau of George & Mary Sceviour.
Nov 15 1849 Exploits Burnt Island Wesleyan Chapel Andrew MANUEL Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay Samuel Manuel, Eliakim Hutchings, Mary Ann Lacey, Elizabeth Hutchings.
    Miss Elizabeth LACEY Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay NOTES: Andrew was bc 1827 - d 1902, s/o Samuel Manuel. Per her headstone, Elizabeth Lacey was born Apr 16 1828 - d Mar 25 1913.
Nov 15 1849 Exploits Burnt Island Wesleyan Chapel George LACEY Exploits Burnt Island, Green Bay Samuel Manuel, Joseph Manuel, Joseph Sinclair.
    MRS. Maria OSMOND Moretons Hr, Green Bay NOTES: candidate is nee Maria JONES who married 1844 to Joseph Osmond.
Oct 3 1850 not given William PHILIPS Catalina, Trinity Bay ?Sam'l Stuckless, ?Philip Rice
    Mary EARLE Twillingate  
Sep 29 1850 not given John BROWN Joe Batts Arm Samuel Frake (Freake), James Cook
    Maria COOK Merritts Hr, Green Bay  
Oct 24? 1850 not given Morris BURT Moretons Harbour John Gibbs, William Burt.
    Eliza ROGERS Farmers Arm, Twillingate NOTES: Per Tammy Curtis, a family bible noted that Maurice Burt married Eliza GILLARD. Maurice was bc 1827 - died 1887 age 60 years.
Oct 29 1850 not given John ROBERTS Twillingate Noah Wheller, James Roberts
    Flora MITCHELL Twillingate NOTES: Flora was b Oct 4 1831 - d Aug 6 1899, the dau of Jonathan & Elizabeth Mitchell.
Nov 6 1850 not given George BURT Tizzards Harbour William Locke, John Locke
    Mary Ann LOCKE Tizzards Harbour  
Nov 8 1850 not given George COOPER Twillingate John Phillips, Andrew Jenkins
    Mary ADAMS Twillingate  
Nov 8 1850 not given George JONES Exploits Burnt Island Samuel Clarke, Elizabeth Wills
    Dinah JONES Back Hr, Twillingate NOTES: George Jones of Exploits died Nov 30 1901 Exploits Bay age 88 years. Dinah was the dau of George JONES & Lydia MOORES, and the granddau of James & Elizabeth MOORES.
Nov 26 1850 not given John MOYLES Christ Church, Hampshire, England John Vineham, George Oxford
    Jane TROKE? Twillingate NOTES: John Moyles was bc 1824 - d Sep 11 1902 Twill South.A Jane Moyles died 1902 age 72 yrs.
Feb 21 1851 not given John BURT Late of Tizzards Hr but now of Little Hr Samuel Keefe, Isaac Keefe
    Susanna EARLE Durrells Arm, Twillingate NOTES: Candidate for Susanna is Susanna Earle b Nov 10 1833 Cat Hr, dau of Elias Earle & Sophia Goodyear who moved to the Twill area..
June 14 1851 not given Edward INGS Twillingate John Vinem (Vineham), Caleb Smith
    Ruth GIDGE Twillingate Edward was bc 1825 Twill - d Jan 11 1899 Bluff Head Cove age 74 yrs.
Aug 19? 1851 not given Samuel ANSTEY Twillingate Abraham Young, Stephen Young
    Elizabeth PARDY Little Harbour  
Sep 17 1851 not given Charles ANSTEY Black Island Stephen Osmond, John Dorey
    Louisa OSMOND Black Island  
Oct 11 1851 not given Jacob KEEFE Little Harbour Reuben Adams, Thos. Keefe
    Sarah BOYDE Tizzards Harbour NOTES: Jacob remarried 1860 as widower, to Eliza BURT of Little Hr (bc 1840 - died 1880 age 40), and md (3) 1881 to widow Ann LODER. Jacob died 1905 Burnt Cove age 80 yrs.
Oct 25 1851 not given George JURE (JEWER) Moretons Harbour Mark Osmond, Henry Jure.
    Elizabeth OSMOND Moretons Harbour  
Oct 27 1851 not given Stephen ROBERTS Bluff Head Cove David Young, Thos. Jacobs
    Rebecca SKINNER Fogo NOTES: Rebecca was bc 1825 - d 1902. Stephen was bc 1820 - d 1897.
Oct 27 1851 not given Alfred LINFIELD Twillingate Richard Verge, Richard Young.
    Maria WOOLFREYS Moretons Harbour NOTES: Alfred was b May 24 1823 - d Jan 5 1896, the son of Robert Linfield & Mary Blunt. Maria Ann Woolfrey was bc 1831, bap 1846 age 15 yrs - died Dec 5 1905, the dau of Samuel & Mary Woolfrey.
Nov 1 1851 not given John MOORES Twillingate Isaac Moores, Elias Roberts, Josiah Clarke.
    Susannah ROBERTS Twillingate NOTES: John was bc 1825 - died 1873, the s/o James & Elizabeth Moores. His mother's maiden name may have been White or Clarke.
Nov 3 1851 not given William BROWN? ?Stockford, Dorsetshire, England John Young, Elias Roberts, John Moss?
    Mary WHITE Twillingate  
Nov 18 1851 not given Moses SNELGROVE Black Island John Anstey, George Pelley.
    Elizabeth ANSTEY Black Island  
Dec 3 1851 not given Caleb SMITH Jenkins Cove George Gidge, Robert Smith
    Lydia GIDGE Durrells Arm  
not given not given Abraham YOUNG bach, Twillingate James Minty, Stephen Young
    Ann MINTY spin, same place NOTES: Abraham was bc 1825 - d 1910, the son of John Young & Elizabeth Tilley/Tilsie. Ann was bc 1830 - died 1876, the d/o Joseph Minty & Catherine Cooper. We now know her father was John Tilsed, while oral tradition had the variants as Tilley or Tilsie.
Feb 17 1852 not given William STRONG widower, Jenkins Cove Walter Knell, ?Mrs. Brewster*
    Hannah WALL spin, Moretons Harbour NOTES: *married by Rev John Brewster. William Strong is believed to have been married at least once previously, possibly twice, and to be the same William bc 1790 - buried May 28 1866 age 76 years.
Mar 26 1852 not given Charles HARVEY bach, Dorsetshire, England John Elliott, Samuel Ford
    Jane ELLIOTT spin, Twillingate  
Oct 1 1852 not given Thomas HALLETT Little Harbour George Hull, Thomas Anstey
    Esther LILLIN?/LILLEN? Twillingate NOTES: Esther's last name was illegible: she was buried Oct 11 1860 Little Hr age 29 years.
Oct 18 1852 not given John BALL bach, Exploits Burnt Island James Hutchings, John Frampton, Abel Stride "and others".
    Mary STRIDE n/g, same place NOTES: John was bc 1828 - d June 18 1905 Exploits age 77 yrs. Mary was bc 1832 - d Nov 30 1906 age 74 yrs.
Oct 19 1852 not given George DALTON bach, Exploits Burnt Island John Dorrey, Stephen Osmond, William Lacey "and others".
    Maria LACEY WIDOW, Black Island NOTES: candidate is Maria JONES who married 1844 to Joseph Osmond and who may have married again 1849 to George LACEY.
Oct 28 1852 not given Thomas ANSTEY Twillingate Thomas Hallett, John Hawkins
    Lydia WATKINS Little Harbour NOTES: Thomas was bc 1828 - d Nov 17 1898 age 70. Lydia was born Dec 16 1831 Little Hr, Twill - died Feb 23 1891 age 59 yrs, the dau of Henry Watkins & Lucy (?Wheeler). They were buried at Little Hr.
Nov 4 1852 not given Thomas JACOBS Twillingate Thomas Bond (?Pond), Samuel Roberts
    Naomi SKINNER Fogo NOTES: Naomi was bc 1831 - buried June 15 1854 The Arm age 23 yrs. Thomas was bc 1824 - buried May 21 1866 Jenkins Cove age 42 years. He remarried 1855 to widow Caroline Phillips (nee HULL) bc 1828 - died 1902, the widow of George Phillips.
Nov 5 1852 not given George GIDGE widower, Twillingate Edward Ings, John Bourdon, "and others"
    Mary HILYARD (HILLIARD) widow, same place NOTES: George was bap 1823; bc 1821 - d 1880, the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Gidge. He was first married 1849 to Mrs. Rachel Vineham.
Nov 10 1852 not given Samuel BULGEN Twillingate William Smith, Mark Wheller
    Sarah ANSTEY Harbour Grace NOTES: He was bc 1825 - d Mar 22 1903 age 78 yrs of cancer.
Nov 24 1852 not given William MILLS bach, Western Head Silas Jones, James Jones, Jos. Mills
    Alice OSMOND spin, Moretons Harbour NOTES: William John Mills is believed to be the son of William John Mills Sr & Sarah Jane Barrett, originally of Old Perlican. Alice was the dau of Joseph & Ann Osmond.
Nov 24 1852 not given Andrew LOCKE bach, Tizzards Harbour Hugh Forward, George Forward
    Julia OSMOND spin, same place NOTES: Andrew was b Apr 15 1829, the son of John & Mary Locke. Julia was born Nov 7 1833, the dau of William & Emma Osmond & the granddau of Joseph Osmond & Patience Martin, originally of Crockers Cove, Conception Bay.
Nov 26 1852 not given Patrick DOOLING County of Tipperary, Ireland Joseph Stuckless "and others"
    Arabella ROGERS The Arm, Twillingate  
Dec 8 1852 not given James STUCKLESS bach, Twillingate Henry ?Hor____, John Wills, Ambrose ?Guy.
    Ann CROKER (COAKER) widow, same place NOTES: she was nee Anne JENKINS who married first 1834 St Johns ANG to Jonas COAKER of Ashburton. She and Jonas were the grandparents of Sir William Ford Coaker (1871-1938). James was bc 1801 - died 1883 age 82 yrs, the son of John Stuckless & Lydia (? Nee Guy).
?Nov 10 1853 not given James ROGERS not given Fanny Hakings?, Mary Chin(n)
    Jane JENKINS not given  
Part 2: Marriages {1877} missing from Vital Statistics Volume 89A, also located in Box 1 Green Bay Methodist        
Nov 14 1877 not given Joseph FROUDE Twillingate Jacob Caraway?, Bridget Gillard
    Isabella GREENHAM Twillingate NOTES: Joseph Froude was b Sep 12 1847 Durrells Arm, the son of James & Martha Froude. Isabella was bap Jan 7 1858 Bluff Head Cove age 10 months, the dau of Henry Greenham & Harriet Gillard.
Nov 17 1877 Twillingate James HINDS not given Thomas Goss, Ann Hinds
    Maria KEEFE Fridays Bay NOTES: James was likely b Nov 14 1845 Twill Arm, the son of Robert & Mary Ann. He married (2) 1900 to Susie Thorne. Maria was probably born Sep 10 1861 Little Hr, the dau of Jacob Keefe & Eliza Burt.
Nov 20 1877 Twillingate William YOUNG Twillingate Philip Young, Lydia Ings.
    Rachel INGS Twillingate  
Nov 20 1877 Twillingate John YOUNG Twillingate Thomas Young, W? T? Roberts
    Ellen EARLE Twillingate NOTES: John Young remarried 1898 at age 42 to Ellen BURTON (bap 1860 the dau of William & Lydia Burton). Ellen Earle died May 31 1894 age 40 yrs of lockjaw.
Jan 5 1878 Twillingate Charles LAMBERT Twillingate Andrew Lambert, Emily Ansty
    Charlotte GUY Twillingate NOTES: this marriage is missing from the Vol 89A Vital Stats online but should have been included. Charlotte died Feb 3 1895 age 41 yrs, buried Harts Cove.

Transcribed by Jill Marshall summer 2005

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